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12300 W Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA,90066


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CROWN LIMOUSINE is located in Los Angeles, CA


CROWN LIMOUSINE has not updated this section.


CROWN LIMOUSINE can be reached at 310‑737‑0888

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CROWN LIMOUSINE Excellent company of limousines
by Caty.S in LOS ANGELES, CA

Ordered with the husband to themselves on a wedding a limousine in the Crown Limousine company through the limoscanner service on the website It was very pleasant to us that there were low prices and high-quality servicing. To the wedding day there has arrived the car which is chosen by us, but not some another. It was confirmation of the fact that the company very responsibly carries out the obligations. The limousine was very beautiful, net, and on its background at us fine photos have turned out. And the cheerful driver lightened us mood during all trip.

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