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3662 Katella Ave Ste 205
Los Alamitos, CA,90720


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ATTORNEY ASSISTED LEGAL CTR is located in Los Alamitos, CA


ATTORNEY ASSISTED LEGAL CTR has not updated this section.


ATTORNEY ASSISTED LEGAL CTR can be reached at 562‑598‑8849

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ATTORNEY ASSISTED LEGAL CTR Dr. Freeman is one of the finest psychiatrists I have ever met.
by 636363 in PRATTVILLE, AL

Dr. Freeman is one of the finest psychiatrists I have ever met. With over 20 years’ experience with him he has been a great doctor and great friend (on a professional level of course).He truly listens to what you have to say he can explain things so simply. He has defiantly improved life and helps me with all of my problems. So if you are seeking help I promise this is the guy you want to go to. I no longer see him as my life journeys have taken me elsewhere but I just want to say thank JK

ATTORNEY ASSISTED LEGAL CTR Refuses to Perform Services
by Daddy123 in VISTA, CA

Phil refuses to update the trust that I paid $ 500.00 for him to execute for a few years ago. He does not return phone calls. If you do speak to him he will make an appointment to call you back and then won't. He leads you to believe he is an attorney but he is only a paralegal. When you call him out on his BS he will hang up on you and say he is going to call the police if you call him again.

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