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24769 Redlands Blvd
Loma Linda, CA,92354


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JOEL ZUBAID is located in Loma Linda, CA


JOEL ZUBAID has not updated this section.


JOEL ZUBAID can be reached at 909‑796‑5585

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JOEL ZUBAID he is a crock who steals money from the elderly
by flo8432 in LOMA LINDA, CA

All i know is hes a crock and forced an elderly Women to sign over her home to his company to lower the mortage than i believe she retired and he raised her rent after takeing $60k from her and telling her not to worry on a fixed income he had to borrow money from people because this guy stole her retirement than forced her to move out and charged her $20k for a 10 yr old stove dishwasher and water heater this is while her Son was in prison and he paid the Sons Wife to help push the issue. Its Ok because i heard he supports the bad kind of Muslims

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