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1440 S Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA,92651


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KOFFEE KLATCH is located in Laguna Beach, CA


KOFFEE KLATCH has not updated this section.


KOFFEE KLATCH can be reached at 949‑376‑6867

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KOFFEE KLATCH Great place to watch a movie and have some koffee
by GlassCactus in Long Beach, CA

this place is south of the main part of Laguna, it's hidden way, there is a very shaded breezeway where you can sit on the low chairs and couches and really enjoy as many different types of people as you can imagine, or you can just sit and read a book all by yourself...the bottom line is everyone that comes to this place finds something...from the counterperson's to the drinks, to the excellent pastries to the atmosphere to the movies that play from time to time, this is a treasure

KOFFEE KLATCH Great pastries
by danette in mission viejo, CA

wow....i really enjoyed the time we spent with Koffee Klatch...i've been driving by this place for some time, now that I've dropped in on them and had the koffee, the pastries and the atmosphere, I'll be a regular

KOFFEE KLATCH Great hidden treasure and beautiful staff
by System Account in Mission Viejo, CA

our wommp1 team dropped by this place last weekend with 3 dogs and and 7 adults...this is the type place that is all about...those special out of the way places that do things just right!...visit this place and fall in love

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