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Ballentine Wedding and special events
14455 Ballantree Way
Grass Valley, CA,95949


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Ballentine Wedding and special events
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Ballentine Wedding and special events is located in Grass Valley, CA


Ballentine Wedding and special events has not updated this section.


Ballentine Wedding and special events can be reached at 916‑991‑0669

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Ballentine Wedding and special events Ballantine Weddings and events services
by lwentzel in Rio Linda, CA

Ballantine Weddings hosted a fun and entertaining party at their Grass Valley location. Food was great Tri Tip on the Bar-B-Que with all the trimmings. Along with Vegan Menu, I was impressed with the beauty of the property. Suzie was a great host very involved with greeting all the guests and venders. Fun Music, Good Food, with great mixers and activities to get the guest interacting with one another. Suzie said the plans are in the works to expand and install formal dance area along with other amenities including landscape and nature area near the pond for pictures and long walks. Would recommend having Suzie assist when you are in need coordinating Wedding Ceremonies or special events planning.

Ballentine Wedding and special events Foothill Weddings with a View
by paynefree in Grass Valley, CA

High Quality Weddings at a Highly discounted cost. Beautiful foothill location is ideal for the private and discreet tastes with acres of room to breath. If you simply want a location or need the help of a experienced assistant, we can make your special event effortless with a minimal cost to you. We have 20 acres situated in Grass Valley, a stones throw north of Auburn. We have established relationships with the local vendors in the lodging, food, photography, wine and bar, along with the local limosine and catering services. We are able to save you more then 50% of the cost associated with formal events. If you need help with Cakes, Catering, Menus, Photography, Limosine, Live Music, D.J., Valet Parking, Guest lodging, we can assist you in making your special event fun and memorable.

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