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Cordoba Carlos MD
703 N Fulton St
Fresno, CA,93728


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Cordoba Carlos MD
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Cordoba Carlos MD is located in Fresno, CA


Cordoba Carlos MD has not updated this section.


Cordoba Carlos MD can be reached at 559‑233‑3343

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Cordoba Carlos MD I didn't want to give him 1 star
by shananero in OAKLAND, CA

He is a horrible uncaring doctor, that will let you stay in pain, go to the ER multiple times and still not see you for a month. I will be filing a grievance on this doctor on behalf of my daughter! Please if you are ill or have any major health issues, please don't go there, he will let you die, before he will take the time to see you.I don't usually write reviews, but this Dr. is a total joke as well as his receptionist office staff, who is just as rude as the Dr. is bad! Calling him a doctor is a definite stretch.

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