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11750 Ramona Blvd
El Monte, CA,91732


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CORNELL CORRECTIONS is located in El Monte, CA


CORNELL CORRECTIONS has not updated this section.


CORNELL CORRECTIONS can be reached at 626‑454‑4593

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CORNELL CORRECTIONS More consideration for those giving there all to make themselves better and get out of here
by Lopez6 in LOS ANGELES, CA

I am not familiar with places such as these. But I have come to visit a friend here. And I've come to see how he is being treated and how they do not give those that are truly trying to.make better of themselves any chance of succeeding. There are some that travel out of el monte for work. And travel on bus. And they do not try and give these people enough time. They do not take into consideration that buses do leave you behind if they feel like it or that these buses can pass a minute early.and can be missed this leading to the person gonna catch it to be late going to work or coming back to this location. I've been tracking by bus for 25 yrs now so I know the situation that comes with taking buses but the people that work at this location all drive cars and have no clue as to what happens with taking buses

CORNELL CORRECTIONS They are a Corrupt and uncaring group
by iamdone in MONTEREY PARK, CA

They area a corrupt group.. They are suppose to be a help to those getting back into society, but they are hender, block any attempt of success. They pick on those that are on the right track, set them up so that they an be arrested and then be put back into their program to get additional funds. There is also prejudice and power tripping going on. They say you are responsible for your own things but do not provide a way for you to keep you things safe. If your things are stolen it is not their problem. If you are ill too bad for you. You are treated like dirt by those in charge and if anyone tries to help you they are threatened with dismissal. Someone needs to do something about Alex, Sherry and Suzanne. They are all liars and are not helping anyone

by peanut in BARD, CA

Sorry for the fist post it should have been ZERO STARS, but I forgot to take them out. The system will not let me make it less than one. They make their clients take classes they don't need, want or can afford. They also take a percentage of their paychecks. They violate them to collect money from the government in full for the 6 months - 1 year, them turn around and charge the clients again when they are returned to the facility. EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE ALREADY GOTTEN PAID!!! ISN'T THIS ILLEGAL??? They constantly harass the clients for no reason. People are trying to get a fresh start in life and these idiots are making it extremely difficult.

CORNELL CORRECTIONS I hate this freaking place
by agape_princess in SUN CITY, CA

They treat their people like shit, they are making money by making the clients don't need and can not afford. They violate them to collect the full amount from the government then charge them again when they return to the facility. It's this illegal?

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