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Advertising Services, Graphic Arts Services, Internet Services


About Us.

We believe that digital platforms should inspire action.It’s not about us, it’s about you. It’s about your project, your timescales, your budget and ultimately your clients and customers. 

We can give you facts and figures about how we’ve helped others, but it’s how we can help you that we’re interested in. If you want to know a bit more about us, then keep reading …

We’re a hard-working, well-respected, independent design agency in our fifth year of operation in Orange County. Even before this company our employees have been making the web a better place on their own and with other companies. We think that passion and experience translates to a better experience to our customers.Orange County Design Agency Think.Create.Code was created in 2009 by Creative Director Greg Bellino, has a passion for great web design and customer service. It is what he lives, breaths and works for. We’ve been privileged to work with exceptional clients over the last years and we’ve been involved with an array of industries along the way including commercial real estate, motorsport, e-commerce, marketing, photography, motion graphics, education, events and festivals, art and design, catering, law and professional services. Whatever your project, product or service, we can provide a valuable contribution to building your brand. We’re always interested in talking to businesses and organizations that want help communicating their brand, ideals and offers and as we grow we would love to have you and your brand on board. CALL US TODAY! 949-237-2633

What We Do!

We work with anything and everything related to the online world and our goal is to help you promote your business more effectively through the intelligent and creative use of the latest technologies, techniques, and practices.

We believe every successful project starts with sound strategy. We bring extensive experience creating online and offline strategies for brands of all size and industry. We’re obsessed with the research, data and trends that impact your company, consumers, and corporate culture. We take pride in understanding your industry, values, mission, corporate culture, strengths, weaknesses, and competitive advantage as if we were one of the team. We ask the right questions, and in return we provide strategy that delivers results. CALL US TODAY! 949-237-2633


We bring Orange County extensive experience creating online and offline strategies for brands of all size and industry. We’re obsessed with how design decisions and web culture influences your company, consumers, and corporate culture. We take pride in understanding your industry, values, mission, strengths, weaknesses as if we were one of the team. We get to know you as a person and company so that we can delivered exactly what you need; tailored to the results you require.
A company is only as good as the services they provide.  We believe every successful project starts with sound strategy.

Below are some services that separate us from the rest:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Brand Design
  • Data Visualization
  • Mobile and Social Apps
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization 

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Think.Create.Code. We LOVE our website!
by CorinSi in ORANGE, CA

FINALLY! An Orange County Web Designer that can do more than just code! I was getting so frustrated! I wanted some one who could not just build a website, but create something our company would be proud of! When I was approached by Greg at Think.Create.Code. I had a bitter taste in my mouth regarding web designers in Orange County who seemed to not care what the end product looked like. Some how I ended up talking to him on the phone for over 20 minutes! He understood where I was coming from , and unfortunately has heard my story of web designer nightmares so many times. He came to my office to meet with me and really just laid out his plan and answered ALL of my questions. Greg has been great to work with. He completely understands what we want and it makes it so easy! We are located in Orange County and finally found a web design company that is local to create exactly the website our business needed to get in front of our customers when they are ready to buy!
Response: Thank you C! I'm glad everything has worked out. It's easy to be a web designer in Orange County with a company like yours. Your responsive website looks Awesome!

Think.Create.Code. Orange County Web Design
by RHegwood in COSTA MESA, CA

We started working with Think.Create.Code. in February of 2014 to help us create a brand. He came to the table with very creative ideas and suggestions always educating us along the way. In the beginning we knew we were asking for a lot. Since then Greg has not skipped a beat. His graphic designs are unique and creative and his web design is right on the dot. Every time we recieve an status update we are impressed! Best Orange County web design yet!
Response: Thank you RHegwood! You are a great team to work with! Thank you for choosing Think.Create.Code. for your Orange County Web Design company. And thank you for the referral!

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