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Corina K. Simeone
440 Fair Dr
Costa Mesa, CA,92626


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Corina K. Simeone
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Corina Simeone
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SBN (Superior Business Network) is a very COST EFFECTIVE way to have the online presence you are wanting.  Activating your business POPP page (Pre-Optimized Profile Page) you will effectively be able to manage your needs for Search Engine Optimization.  With SBN's support team you are guaranteed to be ranked higher on top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and hundreds of others.  It is very simple to use with all of the tools that you need to make sure you are in front of your consumer when they are ready to buy!


A site for Businesses and Consumers to reach each other to receive Superior results.

Best features of hosting your business on our pre-optimized business network:
1) Your business will be on the first pages of Google within 72 hours.
2) Your profile page is pre-optimized for web browsers to observe your dynamic content and make your business relevant on the internet.
3) You can email to over 50,000 consumers your business coupon in a day. Must be of 50% value or greater, better than Groupon.
4) You are given a dashboard of controls to manager your business images,content, coupon, press release all in one.

Providing a place where your customers are able to write reviews regarding their Superior experience with your business, and allowing you to respond, is the best type of "Word of Mouth Marketing"!

With detailed reporting you will know exactly where your business is coming from!


1.) Get ranked higher on search engines
Get your Pre Optimized Profile Page (P.O.P.P), simply enter your company's  information and we will make sure that your business is found on major search engines when customers are looking for you no matter what search phrase they use.

2.) Killer Deals
Yours business can send out a killer deal to our large and growing network of members who in turn get paid for sending out to their friends and family. If you offer 50% off or more on regular priced items your business is sure to attract many new cutomers.

3.) Review management system
Reviews are more important than ever, keep tabs on what your customers are saying is critical in staying ahead of the competition. With you get notified when ever a review is written and give you 72 hours to respond.


4.) Manage social networks
Facebook, twitter, myspace and other networks are powerful ways to get your message out. gives you tools to share your messages on them all.

5.) Press release engine has relationships with over 900 media outlets in your local market to around the country. Within minutes you can blast your message to tv, radio, magazines, newspapers, trade journals and more. "Good Press" helps your business promote word of mouth.

6.) Real time reporting
No marketing system is complete without reporting tools so you can see how well the marketing is working. offers advanced charts so you can see your results 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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Corina K. Simeone Referral Consultant
by CorinSi in ORANGE, CA

I am a professional internet marketing consultant. I am thorough and efficient. My ultimate goal is to maximize the exposure for you and your business. Being hands on allows me to ensure the success our program reaching your company goals.

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