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A Wax Attack
1467 Railroad Ave
Clovis, CA,93612


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A Wax Attack
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A Wax Attack is located in Clovis, CA


A Wax Attack has not updated this section.


A Wax Attack can be reached at 559‑308‑2309

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A Wax Attack What an out come!
by Moores in CLOVIS, CA

Wouldn't want to hit any other spot, The staff is extremely courteous and personable. Impressive shop and the owner is hands on. Thanks guys!

A Wax Attack Needs to get his head outta his ass
by blues93611 in CLOVIS, CA

We also had a wonderful experience with this place, took a bike in said it was some o rings that needed replacing. Make a LONG STORY short, his mechanic took my bike home with him rode it around chasing parts for other customers and got it back finally and rode it home, next day it was leaking again. Now it's the waterpump, fixed that took it home, now the rear air shocks are leaking and so is the front seals and none of this happened till his know it all mechanic so called fixed it!!!!!! Unless he's got a new mechanic and his head outta his ass. DON'T GO THERE!!!!!!! they will keep you coming back to make more money and he thinks no one knows anything but him.

A Wax Attack Needs to focus
by kent93612 in CLOVIS, CA

I took a bike in to Wax Attack after the owner convenced me that they were the best. They have a mechanic on staff... I think. I was restoring an old bike. Bottom line, I was given a quote to do basic fixes, like rebuild carb, tune, fix a light and a great detail on bike. The result was this. Charged me 2 1/2 times the estimate, did 1/2 the work promised, in twice the amount of time, and NEVER even detail the bike, and the bike did not run after picking up. You would think they would of detailed the bike at least, which is their specialty. I finaly gave up and got my bike back. LOL only thing that I was told was" we really arn't in the business to restore bikes" I asked, why then did you tell me you really wanted to.?

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