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Tri-Star Event Photo Inc

Carlsbad, CA,92008


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Tri-Star Event Photo Inc
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Tri-Star Event Photo Inc is located in Carlsbad, CA


Tri-Star Event Photo Inc has not updated this section.


Tri-Star Event Photo Inc can be reached at 760‑930‑0055

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Tri-Star Event Photo Inc Unethical business practices
by DJBly77833 in BRENHAM, TX

This unethical company has high school bands send their students (minors) to a booth at band competition to "fill out questionnaires" and then the students receive photos and bills shortly thereafter. My son attended a UIL band competition in Katy, TX this school year (2015-16). The previously stated happened. NOW, my son is receiving collections notices and threats that Tri-Star Event Photo, inc. will turn him (a 14 year old) over to collections. Yes, we paid the ransom. AND, we want everyone to know how crappy business practices are conducted by Tri-Star Event Photo, Inc. There are too many ethical photography companies out there. These guys have to go.

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