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Aliso Creek Market and Deli
23411 Laguna Hills Dr
Aliso Viejo, CA,92656


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Aliso Creek Market and Deli
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About us...

Aliso Creek Market & Deli is your single source provider for liquor, beer, sake, kegs, cigars and fine wines in Aliso Viejo. We are an Orange County liquor store and wine shop that has a diverse selection of wines, beers, kegs, and liquors to suit your needs. Our wine store not only carries the most common types of wine, but also a diverse selection of boutique wines that cannot be found anywhere else.

Aliso Creek Market & Deli is located in an unsuspecting spot, so don't miss us!

We are located on the corner of Aliso Viejo Road/Aliso Viejo Parkway

Our Deli...

Our lunch crowd keeps us busy, so feel free to call ahead! You can relax and enjoy your lunch at our tables!

Our Menu will satisfy any craving!!


Hot Sandwiches - French Dip, Hot Pastrami, B.B.Q. Beef, Italian Meatball, "Spicy" Italian Sausage

Hot Off The Grill - (All are served w/fries) Aliso Cheese Burger, Double Cheese Burger, Bacon Cheese Burger, Aliso Philly Cheese Steak.

Authentic Mexican Food - Cheese Quesadilla, Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla, Aliso Creek Tacos, Aliso Creek Salsa,

Burritos - Bean & Cheese, Deluxe(beans, rice, cheese, onion, salsa, cilantro, & your choice of chicken, carne asada, or carnitas, made in a large flour tortilla), Vegetarian, Garden Deluxe, Super Grande(two pound, foot long!), Breakfast Burrito.

Menu cont...

Breakfast Items - Breakfast Sandwich(choice of fresh bread, includes egg, cheese and your choice of ham, bacon or sausage), Breakfast Burrito (egg, potato, cheese, salsa & your choice of ham, bacon, sausage or chorizo).

Salads - Aliso Creek Dinner Salad (mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, shredded carrots, & your choice of salad dressing), Aliso Creek Cobb Salad ( Mixed greens, tomato, turkey, ham, egg, cheddar cheese, provolone cheese and your choice of salad dressing), Aliso Creek Chef's Salad(Mixed greens, tomato, turkey, ham, egg, cheddar cheese, provolone cheese & your choice of salad dressing.

Sandwiches - Aliso Creek Premium Sandwiches (made on your choice of fresh bread, w/mayonnaise, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions & peperoncinis on request)
Choose from:Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Oven Roasted Beef, Salami, & Ham

Aliso Creek Gourmet Sandwiches
Choose from: Sliced Chicken Breast, Home Made Chicken Salad, Home Made Tuna Salad

Aliso Creek Specialty Sandwiches - B.L.T., Egg Salad, Italian Sub, Vegetarian, Bill's Choice(Turkey, bacon, avocado, mayonaisse, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles & onions).

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Aliso Creek Market and Deli Deli in Aliso Viejo
by Janel1 in Newport Beach, CA

Great lunch spot! Delicious sandwiches, I always call ahead to place my order. It is always packed in the afternoon, a good sign that this deli is a winner! If you work in Aliso Viejo or live near this deli, stop in and pick up your next meal! Deli in Aliso Viejo, CA

Aliso Creek Market and Deli Mesa Foods, great wine place
by jimcannon in ALISO VIEJO, CA

I have stopped by here many times on my way down to home and got a sandwich from there deli. Which are made fresh to order and have always been great. Also I have a buddy that lives with walking distance so we have done quite a few beer runs to Mesa Foods. Mesa Foods has a huge selection of Wine, Liquor and kraft beer. Their prices are very competative to Grocery stores.

Aliso Creek Market and Deli Liqour store & a deli!
by tmg4sbn in Laguna Hills, CA

A liquor store and a deli... Makes it a one stop shop! This place is so cool! I stopped here on my way to a buddy's place and need to pick up some liquor, I wanted something different than the usual. That is when I noticed the deli! Great sub and I also walked out with an outrageous sandwich!
Response: Thank you! Our customers come for our sandwiches and leave with a lot more! Our selection of wines, beer and liquor gives something for everyone!

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