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Willcox Meat Packing
3390 E Milber
Tucson, AZ,85714


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Willcox Meat Packing
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Willcox Meat Packing is located in Tucson, AZ


Willcox Meat Packing has not updated this section.


Willcox Meat Packing can be reached at 520‑622‑1668

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Willcox Meat Packing Amazing Beef!
by RRowley in TUCSON, AZ

We ordered a "Beef Pack" from Willcox Packing and picked it up here in Tucson. $138.00 got us about 25 lbs of high quality beef including 9 lb. of hamburger, a large bone-in roast, a boneless roast, 2 sirloin, a round steak and 6 other steaks. The bone-in roast literally fell off the bone while cooking. VERY tender meat with some of the best flavor I've had from beef in a long time. They also have a "Pork Pack" that I believe was like $118.00

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