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12880 S Baldwin Ln
Tucson, AZ,85736


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GOOD SHEPHERD RANCH is located in Tucson, AZ


GOOD SHEPHERD RANCH has not updated this section.


GOOD SHEPHERD RANCH can be reached at 520‑990‑2041

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What an awe inspiring ranch. They hold the standard for any Ranch. They are professional, sincere, knowledgeable, honest, kind, & what amazing work they do there. This ranch is run only by its family. I love that! Been to many ranches and none compare!!!! YOU WONT FIND BETTER!

GOOD SHEPHERD RANCH LOVE the Good Shepherd ranch!!!!!

My family has been blessed with 3 horses from the good shepherd ranch!!!! They are kind & great people doing wonderful work......great horses......beautiful ranch!!!!! THANK YOU Good shepherd for all you have done!!!!!!

GOOD SHEPHERD RANCH Adopted 11 horses from good shepard
by Btherapy in TUCSON, AZ

I run a horse therapy program & have adopted 11 horses from good shepard in the last 5 years. My most recent horse about 6 months ago. I am so very grateful & pleased with the quality of these horses. They are always exactly what good shepard promises. They have made a lot of folks happy & do a fabulous job for therapy. Not only did good shepard give them a second chance but now they help folks in need of their next chance. As far as I am concerned any one who doesn't promote good shepard & their rescue work is against horse rescue & therefore a promoter of horse slaughter...because several of the horses we now own from them would have been dog food if it weren't for good folks like good shepard. Please support this wonderful ranch & their work. If you could see how many folks their horses give joy to here daily during therapy you too would be a good shephard supporter.

GOOD SHEPHERD RANCH Not as knowledgeable as they appear nor as honest
by bmbranno in MARANA, AZ

I've bought two horses from this couple, and they have a 'no refund' policy, something to keep in mind. The Palomino I got is permanently lamed and unrideable and cost a whopping $1700. I was told he was undernourished as a rescue which is why he was dragging his back foot and lacked energy as an older gelding. Nice people, but I feel that their knowledge on 'sound' horses is either lacking, or they are deliberately selling damaged animals. I love the Palomino's good nature too much to sell, but it sure would have been nice to ride him despite the show they put on for me in the round pen. I've attempted to inform them of what I discovered from my vet and farrier but they seem to evade my emails and won't give me a courteous reply. Shame on them! But hey, I'm not their maker so I won't judge. That comes later by the almighty. In the meantime I am paying for a trainer to work this horse and attempt to redevelop his shrunken leg muscle and reduce the stifled knee. Good luck, huh?

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