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Odditees Custom Screen Printing

Tempe, AZ,85282


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Odditees Custom Screen Printing
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Odditees Custom Screen Printing is located in Tempe, AZ


Odditees Custom Screen Printing has not updated this section.


Odditees Custom Screen Printing can be reached at 480‑839‑1117

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Odditees Custom Screen Printing Bad experience. Not a satisfied customer.
by bmartin in SCOTTSDALE, AZ

Hiring these guys to print my shirts was not worth the time or hassle or money. My shirts looked ok but definitely not great. Disappointed to say the least

Odditees Custom Screen Printing Horrible Experience
by TracyNeuman in TEMPE, AZ

Do yourself a favor and take your business elsewhere. This company is not reputable, its not trustworthy and the product is garbage in my honest opinion. The owner will tell you what you want to hear to get your business and then he will deliver a crappy product and charge you too much for it. The shirts run too small and the ink cracks after about the third wash. I'm truly surprise this company is still in business. The owner filed bankruptcy this is that a good indicationof what you're dealing with here.

Odditees Custom Screen Printing don't waste your time here...
by collect1 in TEMPE, AZ

I do not recommend this company to anyone. In my honest opinion this is the worst screen printing company in the valley. The owner is rude and the employees are clueless. the quality of work and the quality of products is extremely low. I will never order from this company again

Odditees Custom Screen Printing I do not recommend this company
by mike101 in TEMPE, AZ

I had a bad feeling about it as soon as I walked in the door but hired them anyway against my better judgment. I was not happy at all with the final product and have spent the last 2 weeks trying to get the owner Rodney to return my call to no avail. Was not worth the time or money or the headaches it's causing me now. Lesson learned.

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