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Lawrence County Schools Bus Shop

Moulton, AL,35650


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Lawrence County Schools Bus Shop
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Lawrence County Schools Bus Shop is located in Moulton, AL


Lawrence County Schools Bus Shop has not updated this section.


Lawrence County Schools Bus Shop can be reached at 256‑905‑2492

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Lawrence County Schools Bus Shop bus 03-06
by brndimrks in DANVILLE, AL

Major issues about stopping and using lights properly , not to mention it's about the tenth driver in two years and a number of dif buses. My major concern is the selection process of the drivers. This morning I had to walk my son past the drive BC the man didn't see him and started to go. He didn't see a child that he is supposed to be looking for but seen me on the porch. Huh. And after I am there he asks what's wrong I said make sure the lights are on! Every time you stop here. He yells and says they have been . this man looks to be elderly . do you do drug screenings on these people and make sure they are educated? The last elderly man I found out went blind . hmmmm. Not to mention I have had such problems with this department I am wondering if my son wouldn't be safer walking three miles to school. I have had to paint a line on the road and continuously call just to get a sign for the hill that the bus has to stop under. I have seen some drivers fly past the drive and the back up

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