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Po Box 241241
Montgomery, AL,36124


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PHILIP CAMERON MINISTRIES is located in Montgomery, AL


PHILIP CAMERON MINISTRIES has not updated this section.


PHILIP CAMERON MINISTRIES can be reached at 334‑288‑1188

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PHILIP CAMERON MINISTRIES Excellent Trustworthy Ministry
by Waycross48 in JACKSONVILLE, FL

I have contributed to this ministry on several occasions. I've known the Cameron's since the 1980's and I can honestly say, this is one of the few ministries to which I give. The entire family has a heart for ministry; especially for the kids they reach out to in Moldova. They travel constantly raising funds to provide for the care of the young people in the homes they fund in Moldova. I believe there are six homes now and another coming soon. These young people, in turn, go out and minister to the poor on the streets of their own home towns. They help to feed and clothe them and meet their spiritual needs as well. Funded by the Orphan's Hands ministry, the girls are able to go to school and receive an education. Many of them come to the US and attend college and return to Moldova to continue the work of the ministry. I highly recommend The Orphan's Hands ministry. You can trust that your donation is going to further the work in Moldova!!

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